Aotearoa’s Finest

“distinctive New Zealand voice… masters of this new generation”
Leading singer/songwriters fuse cultural roots with today

George Kahumoku Jr.

4 Grammy’s in Hawaiian Music
“Virtuosic keepers of a cultural flame” – NY Times

George Kahumoku Jr.ʻs – Masters of Hawaiian Music

4 Grammy’s in Hawaiian Music
“Virtuosic keepers of a cultural flame” – NY Times

Hālau Hula Ka No‘eau

“…the dancers give us a sense of journeying, of different landscapes and change of mood” -Village Voice
Authentic hula, ancient traditions to modern times

Hālau O Kekuhi

NEA National Heritage Fellows & Hawaiian Living Treasures
Vigorous, bombastic hula that springs from the eruptive volcano personae of Hawai‘i Island’s creative forces

Henry Kapono

“Kapono is one of the great island songwriters of his generation.”
Laid-back island rock

Horomona Horo

“exquisitely gauged improvisations” fuses Maori traditional instruments- taonga puoro – with a diverse range of musical forms

Jeff Peterson

“…his style exquisite…Brilliant”
“An exceptionally talented guitarist, in a variety of styles from jazz and classical to slack key”
Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Fellow, 4-time Best Slack Key Award!

Kalani Pe‘a

Regional Roots Grammy
“…a gorgeous voice major, innovative figure in contemporary Hawaiian music.”—Maui News
Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Fellow

Kathy Yogi Collins

“sidesplittingly funny…soulful, tender, attuned to island life.” -Maui News
Hawaiian Tales & Comic Monologues & Storytelling

Kaumakaiwa Kanaka‘ole

“traditionalist tour de force.” –The New York Times
Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Fellow


Hawai‘i’s First Poet Laureate, “Legend of Slam Poetry”
“one-man poetry movement… mindfulness and positivity in art, and openness of spirit.”

Kealoha – The Story of Everything

Hawai‘i’s First Poet Laureate, “Legend of Slam Poetry”
“one-man poetry movement… mindfulness and positivity in art, and openness of spirit.”

Kenny Endo

“an incredibly dynamic style of performing…literally breathtaking.” “absolutely amazing”
Trailblazing innovator in Japanese taiko, adventurous, nuanced, brilliant!

Keola Beamer

“There’s no better slack key player than Beamer” – Willie Nelson
“Quintessential…Slack-Key Guitar Master” –NY Times
Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Fellow

Led Kaapana

“ master slack key guitarist.”-NY Times
“… a flat out genius at just about any stringed instrument that can be finger-picked.”
NEA National Heritage Fellow

Maisey Rika

Maisey Rika Māori singer-songwriter "Heartfelt music and song showcasing what I believe to be one of the most arresting and beautiful voices to emerge from New Zealand, ever." --Paul Mclaney of Mushroom Music “…extraordinarily moving work…” --Jon...


“…a textbook illustration of slack-key style…dazzling.” NY Times
“impressive stage presence and jewel box precision… a master, for certain…with sizzling showmanship.” -Honolulu Advertiser

Nathan Aweau

“on electric bass and acoustic guitar,… advanced understanding of harmony and orchestration …his singing style is effortless” –NY Times

Okareka Dance Company in Mana Wahine

“…exploration of the strength, the spirit, and primal beauty of woman… one of the best contemporary dance performances we have seen in years”

Owana Salazar

“an acknowledged Hawaiian favorite…a delightful, lilting journey”
Gorgeous vocals, among few female slack key guitar & steel players in Hawai‘i

Paula Fuga

“…an uncommonly gorgeous voice and holds notes that wrap around a listener like a mother’s embrace.” — Variety

Raiatea Helm

“sings in the high-voiced throwback leo ki‘eki‘e [Hawaiian falsetto] style … poised and utterly elegant.” –New York Times
Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Fellow

Shawn and Lehua

Hawaiian musicians, singers/songwriters have joined forces to create the next wave of Hawaiian folk-inflected original songs
Lehua Kalima: Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Fellow

Te Vaka

“A stereotype-smashing glimpse into the soul of the South seas” –Wired
Moana band “…one of the greatest South Pacific bands of all time”


“… the art of Hawaiian poetry in song.”
Kale Hannahs, Matthew Sproat, and David Kamakahi feature gorgeous harmonies and dynamite guitar and ‘ukulele



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