Aotearoa's Finest: Maisey Rika, Horomona Horo, Seth Haapu, Troy Kingi

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Aotearoa's Finest: Maisey Rika, Horomona Horo, Seth Haapu, Troy Kingi

Photos: Aubrey Hord

Aotearoa’s Finest

Maisey Rika, Horomona Horo, Seth Haapu, Troy Kingi

“We all sing about being Maori in this day and age. We sing about where we come from, who we are, our culture, our tradition, our history and our beliefs…First nation and indigenous people have a feeling of rising up and standing up for our oceans, our land and language…” –Maisey Rika, The Maui News

Māori singer/songwriters Maisey Rika, Seth Haapu, and Troy Kingi are joined by Aotearoa’s (New Zealand’s) leading practitioner in taonga puoro, traditional Maori instruments, creating music that fuses cultural roots, memorable tunes, and deeply felt, gripping lyrics.

Superb musicians and performers, they are at the forefront of New Zealand’s new generation of indigenous performers. Contemporary Maori musicians revered for their artistry, they give voice to today’s Maori culture and social activism. Aotearoa’s Finest has come together as a collective, originally commissioned by WOMAD Taranaki. Headed by Maisey Rika, a singer-songwriter whose powerful, majestic voice captivates audiences worldwide, the group interchanges members for different tours, featuring both leading and emerging Maori singers whose music bridges Maori roots and contemporary sound. Popular favorites in New Zealand, they infuse contemporary indigenous music with powerful traditional roots.

Maisey moved from traditional Kapa Haka to a singing career, winning 13 Maori music awards to date. Horomona Horo, composer and cross-genre collaborator, shares taonga puroro, instruments that express and illuminate Maori holistic culture of life, birth, death and nature. Multi-talented Troy Kingi has an active career as an actor, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Seth Haapu, of Maori/Tahitian descent, is an Auckland-based pianist, guitarist and singer, with a velvet voice and a soul for inventive melodies.

Together, they are Aotearoa’s Finest!

 Pronunciation: Aotearoa [ow-tay-ah-row-ah]

Tour Schedule


Past Tour Dates

2018 – Aotearoa’s Finest: Maisey Rika, Horomona Horo, Rob Ruha, Seth Haapu

Sun, Jan 21, 2018, Kahilu Theatre, Waimea HI

Tues, Jan 23, 2018, Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas, Kaanapali HI

Thurs, Jan 25, 2018, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Kahului HI

Sun, Jan 28, 2018, Hawaii Theatre Center, Honolulu HI


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