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Tribute to Dennis Kamakahi

E Mau Ke Aloha

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Waipuna Blues - Red House
with Jeff Peterson & Kawika Kahiapo

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"The men of Waipuna have once again created a recording that honors the Hawaiian language and displays the art of Hawaiian poetry in song. " –KKCR

“The symphonic blends of Waipuna… are so melodic, they sooth the soul and fuel your mana [divine power]!” --Hawaiian 105 KINE Radio

In a few short years, Waipuna has leaped to the forefront of Hawaiian contemporary music, consistently winning Na Hōkū Hanohano (Hawai‘i’s “Grammys”) Awards every time they have a new album, from 2012 to the present, for a total 7 awards.

Waipuna is an exciting collaboration of three talented individuals, Kale Hannahs, Matthew Sproat, and David Kamakahi (Dennis' son), all from illustrious musical families. Their eclectic musical backgrounds and similar taste in music has led to the development of a unique sound that draws comparisons to their name, Waipuna, or spring water. After the release of their critically acclaimed first album, Mana 'o Pili, in November of 2009, Kale and Matt, then a duo, began touring throughout Hawaiʻi, and select venues in the continental US and Japan.

David joined them on the release of E Ho'i Mai, a collection of songs that pay tribute to where they have come from and recognizes the people that have helped guide them, and the band officially became a trio by the time they reached the Na Hoku Hanohano (Hawai'i's "Grammy") award ceremony in 2012, winning 3 awards -- Group of the Year, Single of the Year, Island Music Album of the Year.

Their music mixes Hawaiian classics and original songs in a style all their own -- they are upbeat, technically superb, and share a sense of fun that immediately connects to all audiences. One critic has dubbed their distinctive sound “neo-traditionalist” – authentic roots with a contemporary energy, sensibility, and joy."

Kale Hannahs - vocals, bass
Matthew Sproat - vocals, guitar, 'ukulele
David Kamakahi - vocals, 'ukulele

Like the fresh water from the mountain spring that travels downstream bringing life to the loʻi (taro fields), Waipunaʻs music rejuvenates the senses and delights the heart.

Waipuna engagements can include education and community activities including in-school lec-dems, workshops, and performances; and guitar and ‘ukulele workshops.

Collaboration with local hula groups: Waipuna’s music is becoming known as a new source of hula music, and the group performed at the renowned Merrie Monarch Festival. They will work with local hula groups in your community, to prepare them to be included in the performance for 2-3 songs