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Makana Recordings

Music You Heard Tonight (2016)
Consummate “Makana”, just as if he were singing to you a few feet away. As diverse as a live Makana performance:  Traditional & contemporary Hawaiian, Slack key & Slack Rock instrumentals, 60’s folk, original folk pop ballads, protest anthems and comedy. “Music You Heard Tonight” brings all that into the fold, and more.

Makana Twenty-Five (2014)
Makana’s 2-disc collection celebrating his 25 years in kī-hō‘alu – Hawaiian slack key guiter: “Raw” shows his range as an acoustic pop/rock composer, a vocalist, pianist and interpreter of other writers’ work. “Root” is predominately Hawaiian and hapa-haole, a tribute to his Hawaiian slack-key musical roots.

RIPE (2013)
A wildly successful Kickstarter campaign gave Makana artistic freedom and the opportunity to work with Multi-Platinum producer Ron Nevison (The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones). The album is broadly diverse, includes We Are The Many, a Spanish-tinged slack key guitar duet with Jeff Peterson, Slackmenco, and "a collection of some of the most fun, deeply moving and relatable songs I've ever written."

The Descendants Soundtrack (released 2012) - Grammy Nominee!
Makana’s song Deep in an Ancient Hawaiian Forest is featured in the Academy Award winning movie, The Descendants (starring George Clooney) and his songs Flood and Will I Ever See You Again? appear in the DVD extras.

Venus,and the Sky Turns to Clay: The Instrumental World of Makana (released 2009)
Makana’s newest release celebrates his 20th anniversary as a slack key guitarist. This is his first all-instrumental, all-original solo guitar collection, with 9 new songs and 6 newly-recorded and remixed classics. From the heartfelt “Will I Ever See You Again?” to the sexy “A touch of Deviance”, Makana exhibits his creativity and diversity in this timeless display of slack key’s limitless potential.

Different Game (released 2008)
The birth of “Slack rock” and a philosophical statement from the singer/songwriter. “Different Game” reveals a penetrating lyrical insight through songs like “Mars Declares”, a soldier’s account of the irony of war, and “Reflections (throwing stones)”, an anthemic call to higher consciousness. Sophisticated and folksy, the 15 all original tracks represent a less cultural, more universal aspect of Makana’s music.

Ki Ho’alu: Journey of Hawaiian Slack Key (released 2003)
The consummate collection of Hawaiian slack key instrumental and vocal classics from the most recognized young master of the art form. Perfect for Hawaiian music lovers and as an introduction to new slack key fans.

Koi Au (released 2002)
Shattering the stereotypical perception of present day Hawai‘i Nei, this multi-cultural musical adventure explores where no other Hawaiian album has before. Spanning Chinese, Jazz, Indonesian, Indian, Bluegrass, Hawaiian, Classical, Portuguese, African and Mambo, Koi Au is a “landmark musical statement” (Star Bulletin, 2002) that expresses the true musical diversity of Makana in the exotic context of Hawaiian slack key.

Makana (released 1999)
The self-titled debut from the young singer, songwriter and slack key virtuoso. Using Hawaiian slack key as a foundation for unique and moving sonic worlds, Makana sings of love, want, awakening, and tributes to his kumu (teacher) Uncle Sonny Chillingworth on this favorite album of Makana fans. A timeless classic.