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March 2016 - 40th Anniversary Tour

I truly appreciate the time you spent at Lafayette College.  The session you did with my percussion ensemble was fantastic.  The kids are still talking about it.  You are a terrific teacher.  And the concert... the concert was absolutely amazing.   Each performer was a master soloist in their own right, and you all came together in a very special ensemble blend.

Obviously, for me, your visit was even more special... seeing the blend of hogaku techniques, mnemonics, and kumidaiko styles... all blended into a modern approach to percussion that I believe is unique in the world today.

Thank you so much !  I look forward to the next time.

Dr. J. Larry Stockton, Professor & Chair, Department of Music
Lafayette College, Easton PA


"Kenny Endo and Friends Offer Softer Side of Taiko!


Presenters Thrilled with Kenny Endo's 35th Anniversary show:

Wed 27 Oct 2010       Atlanta Center for Asian Studies, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
They were awesome and very well received. Thanks for all you help making this happen.
David Jones
President, Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle
Editor, Comparative & Continental Philosophy (Equinox Publishing, London)
Editor, East-West Connections (Journal of ASDP, East-West Center)
Atlanta Center for Asian Studies, Kennesaw State University

Sat 30 Oct 2010          University of the South-Sewanee TN
It was a terrific event, very well attended by students.  Kenny was wonderful with them, and the music was incredible.
Katie Lehmann
Managing Director, Sewanee Summer Music Festival
University of the South, Sewanee

Wed  03 Nov 2010     Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
I was pleased with the audience and they really seemed to enjoy the concert, so thank you. I have enjoyed working with you to put on this performance and I hope that we will see you in Kalamazoo again.
Jane Blyth Warren, Ph.D.
Director of Study Abroad and Global Program Development, Haenicke Institute for Global Education
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

Sat 06 Nov 2010         Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA;
Venue: Manchester Craftsman's Guild of Pittsburgh
This weekend was full of amazement and excitement. The concert was so energetic and engaging. We had a lot of high school students and college students among the audience. They enjoyed it so much. Lots of people stayed after the show to speak with the group.

Kenny-san, Kaoru-san, Shoko-san, Hamada-san and Yasuda -san were wonderful people. We had such a wonderful time with them.

Any CD, DVD, or You tube clips do not do the justice. We were so lucky to see the performance live. I sure wish we could let more people to see the show.

The workshop and lecture/demonstration went well.

It was an honor to have a chance to present Kenny-san and the ensemble and to work with you. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thank you very much and I hope we will have more opportunity to work with you again.
Katsuko Shellhammer
Education Outreach Coordinator
Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania

Mon 08 Nov 2010      McDaniel College, Westminster, MD
Just wanted to report to you briefly how fantastic last night was.  The accolades are pouring in from casual comments such as "Kenny Endo was a triumph!" to e-mails such as "every student i've talked with about it thought that yesterday's taiko activities really really rocked!!" Kenny's class presentations went exceedingly well, with appreciation expressed by both students and faculty.  We had a large, enthusiastic audience, and the group performed brilliantly.
I wanted to pass on my personal thanks for the hard work, energy, dedication and performance from the entire company.
Elizabeth van den Berg
Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
Chair, Theatre Arts Department
McDaniel College, Westminster, MD

Wed 10 Nov 2010      Mary Washington University, Fredericksburg, VA
It was great…We had very good attendance at the concert and a very enthusiastic and appreciative crowd.  They absolutely loved it.  Kenny is, as you know, an absolutely wonderful person, and it was a great group of musicians.  I am very happy we could do this event.
David Ambuel
Professor of Philosophy
Mary Washington University, Fredericksburg, VA

Sat 13 Nov 2010         State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY; Charles B. Wang Center
it was just FABULOUS!  standing ovation! and very interesting music - dynamic, unique.  LOVED IT!
Sunita S. Mukhi, Ph.D.
Director of Asian and Asian American Programs
Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, SUNY
Stony Brook, NY

Fri 19 Nov 2010         Kyodaiko
Venue: Irvine Auditorium, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
The concert was fantastic...KyoDaiko had a fantastic workshop with Kenny & Chizuko.
Therese Stephen
Business Manager
Philadelphia, PA

Sat 20 Nov 2010         Promoter: World Music Institute, Inc, New York
Venue: Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York University
Concert was wonderful, Q & A was great.
Helene Browning
World Music Institute
New York, NY