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Kekuhi Kanaka'ole bio

Aloha to you.  Kekuhi Kanae Kanahele Kealiikanakaoleohaililani.  My paternal family ties are to Keleikini of Kaua’i, Nauoho of Hana, Maui. My maternal family ties are to Ahiena of Puna, Kealiikanakaole of Ka’u, and Kanaele-Kenao of Kohala.

Beyond the Hawaii horizon, I recognize that I also embody a migratory lineage of our  relatives of the larger Pacific island groups or the Moananuiakea.  My familial lineage also reaches back to Milfordhaven, Wales.  My lineage taps into the migratory spirit of the Pele, the movement and the surfacing of magma.  This relationship to the building of terrafirma extends my lineage to the building of the natural environment - the mountains, forests, and springs; I am also the builder of heiau (Hawaii man-made temples).  How do I know?  The information is the fabric of our names.  My passions are manifest through these lineal connections.

Learning about and engaging with my relations from Hawaiinui (this Hawaii) to Hawaii-iki (the Hawaii within) to, Hawaiipamamao (and the Hawaii beyond the horizon), excites me! Cultivating relationships and rediscovering ecological connections for myself and others is my gift and my passion.

I am KekuhikuhipuuoneonaaliioKohala Kanae Kanahele Kealiikanakaoleohaililani.  Granddaughter of Edith Kekuhi Kanakaole, daughter of Pualani Kanakaole & Edward Kanahele, mother of Kaumakaiwa, Ulumauahi, Kauilanui, Keahikaʻaiʻohelo and Kekuhi Haililani, wife of Taupouri Tangaro, and I am Tutu-Mama to Hinamanouluaʻe K. Kealiikanakaole, my granddaughter.


I am co-creator & Vice President of Napou, Inc., our business entity that provides service for Hawaii Cultural Resourcing.  I am a Kumu Hula of Halau O Kekuhi.  I am Assistant Professor of Hawaii Life Way at Hawaii Community College.  I recently authored my first ebook, “10 Questions About Hawaii Life Ways in the NOW: A Personal Perspective”.  I write an article called, “Hawai-ʻicology: Embodying the Hawaii Universe” for the Hawaii Landscape magazine.  Iʻve co-authored articles appearing in the Geography & Humanities publication, among others. I am currently developing a themed Hawaiian language learning program for Japanese Hula Halau to learn Hawaiian language on-line; I am a trainer and practitioner of Hawaii ritual;  I teach others how to engage in their own connection to the Hawaii landscape; I sing, compose, chant, dance and I am in love with Hilo.