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Horomona Horo

Taonga puoro* composer, practitioner
*Traditional Maori (NZ) instruments

“Horo's exquisitely gauged improvisations ranged from a crystalline koauau introduction to a war-like pukaea” --NZ Herald

“A new generation of musicians is creating a distinctive New Zealand voice. One of the masters of this new generation is Horomona Horo.” – Mana Magazine

Composer, cultural practitioner and cross genre collaborator, Horomona Horo has fused the traditional instruments of the Maori, taonga puoro (singing treasures), with a diverse range of cultural and musical forms.

Horomona performs and handles the full spectrum of the taonga puoro instruments with a measured skill, historical and cultural understanding as passed down to him by his mentors, first the late Dr Hirini Melbourne and since 2006, Dr Richard Nunns - two of the men credited with the revival of the art-form.

His ability to perform solo as well as collaborate so broadly through and extensive musical knowledge of style and process, has led to Horo performing and presenting as a New Zealand representative in Europe, Australia, Asia and South America and becoming the international Maori face of Taonga Puoro.

In 2001, Horo won the inaugural Dynasty Heritage Concerto Competition. Performances including orchestral work with the Weimarer Staatskapelle Orchestra, hip-hop with Pao Pao Pao, Opera in the Park with Kiri Te Kanawa, guest artist at the 90th Commemorations of the Battle of Passchendaele, and international tours with Moana and the Tribe, Canti Maori, Irish collaboration wih Green Fire Islands, and the Voices NZ Choir have enabled Horomona to extend his knowledge and skills across diverse genres whilst remaining a cultural and musical educator in his own right.


Maisey Rika & Horomona Horo
Horomona joins one of New Zealand’s premier singers and performers in stellar evening of original songs with deep roots in Maori indigenous culture. Horomona and Maisey combine some of the most ancient instruments of the indigenous people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) with contemporary songs that evoke Maori culture today.

Nga Tae [“Group of Many Colours”]
This trio reflects cultural and musical diversity of New Zealand -- Maori and Pakeha [white]; traditional maori instruments and modern electronica instrumentation; and primarily Te Reo [Maori] language though English is also used. Horomona is joined by electronica master Paddy Free and Maori singer/chanter Waimihi Hotere. YouTube link.

A unique collaboration between Horomona and guitarist Joshua Rogers. Teaming up for the first time in 2008, their projects have been diverse as they explore their Maori culture using elements of traditional instruments, waiata [song], guitar, western instruments and traditional dance. YouTube link.

In addition to performance, Horomona includes educational services in his tours. A lecturer at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, he brings a wealth of knowledge to ethnomusicology and other music classes, as well as other educational settings, including lectures for general audiences