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Recent releases:

Maui Slack Key Christmas (2016)

Paniolo Slack Key – Songs of the Hawaiian Cowboy (2015) - Na Hoku Award Nominee

The Best of the Slack Key Show, vol 1(DVD/CD set) (2014)

Seeds of Aloha (DVD)  (2013)

Wao Akua (The Forest of the Gods) (2011) - 2012 GRAMMY® Award Nominee

Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Volume 3 (2010)

The Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar -Volume 2 (2009) - 2010 GRAMMY® Award Winner!

Kani Wai: Sound of Water (2009) featuring: George Kahumoku Jr and Bob Brozman
The Spirit of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar -- 2009 Annual Grammy Award Nominee

Treasures of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar - 2008 GRAMMY® Award Winner!

Na 'ano'ano: The Seeds

Legends of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar -Live from Maui - 2007 GRAMMY® Award Winner!

Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar -Volume 1 - 2006 GRAMMY® Award Winner!

Norton Buffalo - George Kahumoku Jr. From Paradise (2009)

On the Dancing Cat label:

Hawaiian Love Songs

Drenched by Music

Hawaiian Slack Key Masters - Volume 2 - various artists

Ki Ho'alu Christmas - various artists, contains one song by George, "Little Drummer Boy"

Hawaiian Slack Key Christmas - various artists , contains one instrumental by George, "Holy! Holy! Holy!"

On the Daniel Ho Creations label:

Island Classics -with Daniel Ho

Classic Hawaiian Hulas, Volumes. 1, 2, and 3 -with Daniel Ho

Hymns of Hawaii, Vol 2 -with Daniel Ho - 2006 Winner! 2006 Na Hoku Hano Hano Award Winner!

On the Aire Music label:

Hymns of Hawaii -with Daniel Ho

On the Kealia Farms Label:

Ho'oilina - The Legacy -with Keoki Kahumoku

E Lili'u

George Kahumoku Jr Live!! Footprints in the Poi


On Respect Record Ltd (Japan):

A Gentle Hawaiian Breeze - The Best of Slack Key Guitar Songs

2009 RESPECT RECORD Ltd. (August 2009)

With the Kahumoku Brothers:

Sweet and Sassy (Kahumoku Brothers KB-1005 just re-released as CD)

More Than Words Can Say (Kahumoku Brothers KB-1003)

Kai Malino - The Peaceful Sea (Hula Records CHS-577)

Moses Kahumoku - Hawaiian Slack Key (MK-1)

With Aunty Edith Kanaka'ole and the group Na 'Oiwi:

Hi'ipoi I Ka 'Aina - Cherish the Beloved Land (Hula Records HS-568)

Other Compilations:

National Park Series Sounds of Hawai'i (Orangetree Productions OT-31127) - various artists

Film Soundtracks:

Onipa'a - a David Kalama, Mele Anna Meyer film of the 1993 reenactment of the overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani. Funded by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)


Ki Ho'alu - That's Slack Key Guitar (Studio on the Mountain) - documentary (1995)

The Hawaiian Way (Hawaii Sons VHS) - documentary

Troubled Paradise (Flying Fish Records FF 90607) –


A Hawaiian Life - By George Kahumoku Jr with Paul Konwiser (Kealia Farms Publishing: Lahaina, HI)

Instructional DVDs:

George Kahumoku Jr: D Wahine Tuning -(Lamb Productions © 2003).

George Kahumoku Jr: Taro Patch Tuning in G & F - (Lamb Productions)

George Kahumoku Jr: Play Along, Watch & Learn - (Lamb Productions) -DVD